Everyone feels like there is never enough hours in the day. With the right fitness program, customized to you, you can attain an optimal level of health, wellness, and fit a personal training program into your lifestyle. Liberty Fitness offers you the personal training experience you need to begin a wellness transformation. My program utilizes both face-to-face training and a custom, digital platform to fit your fitness goals into your busy lifestyle.

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After an inital assessment the details vary from client to client, as they should. That's what makes this so much more valuable than a group-fitness program, or the cookie-cutter methods used by big-box gyms.


You will always know exactly what you are doing, how to do it, and how it fits into your goals.


Help anytime you need it, 24-7, not just during your sessions.


We say what we'll do. Then we do what we say. A good coach can make sure that happens without being pushy.

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About Me

Whatever your struggle, there's a good chance I've been where you are! I've been (at different times) overweight, underweight, depressed, sick, malnourished, overworked, and seriously injured with both upper and lower body injuries. I'm also a dad to three beautiful girls.

My all-too-frequent experiences with health issues made me interested in nutrition, and fitness shortly after. Today I'm happy with my body and my health (happy but never satisfied, and always improving!) Now what kind of person would I be if I didn't want others to get the same results I've had? I've spent a long time coaching others to achieve their fitness goals, and creating the right conditions for you to succeed is about far more than just giving you the right program.


Have you failed before? Don't worry about it. This is a new environment, so give yourself permission to start over.

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Liberty Fitness Mobile App

Both in-person and remote clients get access to the Liberty Fitness app. With it you can track progress, record workouts, monitor recovery, message your coach, see videos & instructions, take photos & measurements, and more! The information in each profile is private, only accessible to you and your personal trainer.

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My program is a no-term based agreement. You can cancel at anytime!

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